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RalliTEK Stage3 'Deluxe' 332whp/367lbft

RalliTEK Stage3 'Deluxe' 332whp/367lbft
Item# 23-3803-1-SPO-X2

Product Description

RalliTEK Stage3 'Deluxe' 332whp/367lbft
Boifuel capability! This kit allows more power with E85 biofuel! Allows you to switch between pump gas and biofuel.

RalliTEK has 'Turn Key' power upgrades for your 2005-2009 Legacy turbo, 2008-2009 WRX or Impreza GT.

RalliTEK, AVO, Surgeline Tuning, and Cobb have all teamed up to bring you the most reliable power upgrades available on the market today.

AVO components, especially their Ball-Bearing turbos, are the the most durable design available at any price. Direct replacement components allow devastating power for the life of your Subaru.

Surgeline Tuning, run by Tim Bailey, is a Cobb tuning facility and has provided the Cobb authorized mapping RalliTEK includes with each kit. This allows solid, reliable Accessport mapping for each kit.

Deatschwerks Fuel Injectors included with RalliTEK Stage3 Standard and Deluxe E85 kits, are tested to exacting standards for consistent performance.

Just some of the reasons we believe these are the best turn key power upgrades available on the market. Period.

RalliTEK Stage3 kits also save you money. Kits are discounted significantly over purchasing individual components! Cobb approved Accessport mapping is included, so you will not have to pay for dyno tuning!

Provide the following information in the 'comments' area of our shopping cart:

-Vehicle year / Model

-Transmission Type (MT / AT)

-Octane Fuel in your area

-Last 4 digits of serial number on your Accessport (unless purchasing Accessport with this kit)

Accessport Version 2 and turboback exhaust are required. WILL NOT SUPPORT Accessport V.1

Boifuel E85 and pump gas maps included!

3 pump gas maps included - 15psi(base/economy), 18psi, and 20psi

4 E85 Maps included - 15psi (base/economy), 18psi, 20psi, and 22psi