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PIAA Sport Mesh 18" Wheels Hyper Black

PIAA Sport Mesh 18" Wheels Hyper Black
Item# SM875C48H-SPO-I3
Regular price: $309.00
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Product Description

When you think of PIAA, generally you think of lighting products. What most people do not know, is PIAA has been manufacturing wheels for nearly two decades. PIAA scientifically engineers wheels to exacting specifications utilizing the latest in integrated computer aided technology to ensure form follows function. Only the highest grade alloys are selected for use in the manufacturing high performance wheels. Using a low pressure casting method make this one piece wheel durable and lightweight. The low pressure casting method also provides for ease of secondary finishing processes, which enhances the overall appearance of the wheel.

SPORT MESH, 18 x 7.5, 5-100, 48mm OFFSET w/ HYPER BLACK FINISH