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Lightweight Crankshaft Pulley

Lightweight Crankshaft Pulley
Item# AP-GDA-130-SPO-L2
Regular price: $129.99
Sale price: $125.00

Product Description

Lightweight Crankshaft Pulley
This lightweight crank pulley is just the item for your Subaru. CNC machined aluminum pulley, made from high grade 6061 material is finished in either a Flat Black or Gloss Silver color. The pulley has been machined for a perfect fit and the redesigned lightweight center gives you the best possible advantage over the competition.

The lightweight aluminum pulley is the same diameter as the stock pulley. Keeping the diameter the same allows no issues to occur with the alternator as under driven pulleys do sometimes. Weighing only 1.0lbs, it is almost 5lbs lighter then stock. This is also the lightest crank pulley on the market. This gives you quicker throttle response as well as more horsepower and torque. Reducing rotating mass results in better performance.