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JDM TGV Delete - Side Feed

Regular price: $220.00
Sale price: $199.00

Product Description

Genuine JDM intake manifold risers are a perfect fit and delete the 'TGV' flapper valves that can restrict the air flow into your engine. Called 'Tumble Generator Valves' by Subaru, these are common in many vehicles and are used to help emissions. ...by closing off a significant portion of your intake to 'tumble' the air at idle and low loads, emissions can be improved. At high loads these valves become restrictions. Works with OE or aftermarket fuel rails and injectors.

This part fits USDM 2.5L turbo engines w/SIDE FEED injectors.

Sold as pairs.

***Slight modification of the center bolt holes will be needed for proper fitment on the USDM STI 2.5L.(red manifold)***