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Injen Turbo WRX Up-pipe

Injen Turbo WRX Up-pipe
Item# SES1200UP-SPO-X
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Product Description

Typically the first modification for enthusiasts is the Injen up-pipe. The up-pipe eliminates the first of three factory catalytic converters in those models that have a pre-cat. It will improve exhaust flow in models without pre-cat.

This is one of the most popular modifications for models with pre-cat due to the power gains and protection to your turbo. By eliminating the pre-turbo catalytic converter, it eliminates the possibility of the catalytic converter deteriorating and breaking apart, which can send metal pieces into your turbine and, in turn, damaging your turbo. In addition, the additional flow to your turbo will result in quicker spool time so you can get a better throttle response.

Injen’s up-pipe is built from T304, 2.0" stainless steel tubing throughout, maximizing exhaust flow for a faster turbo response. Injen's design incorporates 1/2" die cast and machined flanges, and even new studs and an EGT sensor bung for a direct replacement.

Note: This removes 1 of the 3 factory catalytic converters on some models. This modification may void your Subaru warranty. For off road use only. Please check local laws and vehicle warranty information prior to purchase.