All the major sports in the world gather around them huge followings. People of all ages and backgrounds all together participating in the thing they love in one way or another.

Most of these sports have also a betting practice on place that allows diehard fans to make a dime on the side of the entertainment they provide and the emotional impact they give.

As far as betting goes there are plenty of sports on which you can bet. Actually that would be an underestimation, practically speaking every sport there is has a betting industry behind it, even illegal sports have it and are no exception.

However illegal sports are great idea to put your money on… That is a no brainer. What is not so easy to answer is what sport should you put your money on?

From a huge and vast pool the choice can be rather difficult. One betting sport that has always been fun and easy to do is Formula One, more commonly known as F1.

So today let’s take some time and take an in depth look on and learn how the ever thriving formula one betting industry works.

Formula 1 Betting & Odds

First things first let us take a look on how F1 betting works in general. We need to point out that there are many ways that F1 betting can be done. Driver matchups, podium finish, prop bets, pole position, futures bets, race winner bets, constructors champion bets and so on are all part of F1 betting…

Talking about each and every single one of these wouldn’t be really necessary. Although all of them have the potential in them to give you a huge turn-around profit, we will focus on three main F1 bets, them being; Constructors Championship Winner, Race Winner and Pole Position.

Why these three in particular? Well they are the easiest ones to understand and the most available ones.

Something to keep in mind every time when you bet are the odds. Just like in every other betting environment, F1 betting odds are the determiner on how much you will gain if your prediction is right.

Constructors Championship Winner

What are Constructors Championship Winner bets? Well it is a bet that you can make on who will win the Constructors Championship Winner. So what is World Constructors Championship (WCC)?

It basically is a trophy that F1 federation gives to the best constructors team of a certain participant. The choice of who will win is based on a lot of factors.

For example Mercedes constructors team have a 8/13 odd of winning the WCC this year, Ferrari has a 11/4 and so on… Mercedes being the favorite of this year’s F1 Championship.

Race Winner

This is a very easy to understand bet and is one sort of F1 betting that most everyone is familiar with. It is the simple concept that you make a prediction on who will win one race. Somewhere you can find this type of F1 betting named as to-win bets.

Since there are plenty of racers taking part this makes the odds high for pretty much all of them. At the other hand very few of them realistically have a great chance of ever winning. These bets can be very easy to pick and most of the time they pay back well.

Pole Position

f1 bettingJust like the race winner this is also a very simple and easy F1 betting. You basically put your money on who you think will have the best qualifying time.

As there are F1 bets that last the whole season and F1 bets that last a single race, pole position bets are single race bets. This is the main trick here, this is what makes these two type of F1 betting easier to understand and gives them a higher chance of success.

F1 Betting Tips

Now we know how F1 betting works, we are familiar with the easiest and highest success rate bets, but we aren’t done. Before we go we want to share some F1 betting tips with you, that will probably help you gain the edge you need on making profit.

  1. Bet on the 2 most likely to win drivers; imagine if you bet on the most likely driver to win chances are that most likely you will win, however to make the odds even greater bet on the second place too. If one of them wins you will be able to get your money back and also have some profit on the side.
  2. Pay attention to history; a lot of new drivers will have days of glory every now and then. If you happen to stumble across one of these “new-comers” make sure you check their history and how many wins they have in total and not just this season.
  3. Bet based on logistics, facts and evidence never, ever bet based on feelings. We all have one favorite racer, but our liking for them isn’t a factor that will help them win the race.

At the end of the day betting is hard because no matter the odds, no matter the calculations and precautions taken, betting is predicting the future, and nobody can ever know how the future will turn out to be, so at least try your best to enjoy the ride of F1 betting…