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AVO WRX Downpipe with Cat

Item# S2102M3GA001-SPO-X

Product Description

This 3inch downpipe is constructed from high-grade stainless steel, ensuring longevity along with great looks. It also features our special cast iron outlet which incorporates a splitter to deflect wastegate gases thereby improving turbo spool up. Together with our High flow C.A.R.B-approved catalytic converter we now offer the worlds most potent downpipe combination. The high-temp cast outlet removes a major bottleneck present on the factory exhaust system with its large bellmouth design with splitter for the wastegate. A stock exhaust flange simply has a blank plate at the wastegate, putting a major lid on performance. Your stock down pipe also uses one or two fairly restrictive catalytic converter(s). The AVO front pipe addresses this issue with a single large high-flow sports catalytic converter, larger than available from most other makers. All this adds up to a huge decrease in back pressure and a big increase in performance. Use your turbo to its full potential!