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AVO Muffler 2008-2009 STI

AVO Muffler 2008-2009 STI
Item# S2F08G3HA001T-SPO-S2
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Product Description

AVO Muffler 2008-2009 STI
AVO has been hard at work creating new parts for the 08+ Impreza STI, and our latest is the twin-tip muffler. This is a high-quality stainless steel system, designed to bolt up to our 3" mid-pipe or the stock mid-pipe on the 08 STI. Fit and finish are impeccable. It is also much lighter than the stock muffler! Flow is quite a bit better as well, as the stock muffler has a lot of baffles on the interior that may make it quiet, but don't do you many favors when it comes to performance. Despite the increase in flow, it's not a loud system. We always keep in mind that you have to live with your exhaust on a day to day basis, and it will not punish you in that regard. During steady speed driving on the freeway there is no drone - it's actually quite quiet.

But when you get into it, especially at lower revs, it's presence is certainly there. It's got a nice deep tone to it, a perfect complement to the character of the 08 STI.