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AVO Blow Off Valve

AVO Blow Off Valve
Item# S2A01900A001J-SPO-S2
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Product Description

AVO Blow Off Valve
AVO uses the latest technology in lightweight internal valving to ensure optimum response. AVO is a direct replacement part. All factory locations and return tube are retained. AVO STi Blow Off Valve can be set for full factory recirculation, or an additional vent can be opened for 50/50 sequential return/vent system.

Subaru measures the air coming into your engine, too much air is vented out at low throttle levels, can cause hesitaions, low idle, or even check engine lights! AVO sequential technology allows you to enjoy the added performance of dual venting, without performance issues associated with vent to atmosphere valves.

Factory blow off valves can leak, bleeding off boost at higher levels. AVO will prevent you from loosing the boost your turbo is working to provide.

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