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AVO 550hp Ball Bearing Turbo 2.5L STi

AVO 550hp Ball Bearing Turbo 2.5L STi
Item# S2D01G06A550A-SPO-S

Product Description

Elvis. The King. The AVO 550 will put a serious hurting on the competition at the strip or circuit. With a big CHRA center matched to the big AVO 4-5 exhaust housing, this turbocharger is the choice for big power seekers. This turbocharger will seriously warp your drivetrain! Extensive supporting mods are necessary to make use of the 550!

The AVO550 ball bearing Edge Series turbocharger is the ultimate in high-flow/high-response bolt-on solutions for your WRX or STi 2.5-liter. Capable of over 30psi of boost and able to hit peak boost at 4700rpm on a 2.5-liter, it has all the response and overhead that you can dream of. This our 1/4 mile beast, designed for a blend of high response and devastating power. The absolute best bang for your buck thanks to an enormous research and development program. We would even go so far as suggesting that the Edge range of turbochargers will outperform any other comparable turbo on the market. Supplied world-wide for street and race applications, you won't find a turbocharger offering better performance. Flow Rate 55lb/min Compressor Housing 0.60 LAR Exhaust Housing AVO 4-5 Turbine Wheel 54.98mm

*Supplied with an AVO adjustable 15psi (1bar) solid boost actuator. Includes all oil and water fittings.