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AVO 450 Ball Bearing Turbo STi

AVO 450 Ball Bearing Turbo STi
Item# S2D01G06A450A-SPO-S

Product Description

Capable of up to 30psi of boost and able to hit peak boost at 3600rpm on a 2.5-liter, it has all the response and overhead that you can dream of. The R-Type is our track and circuit beast, designed for a blend of high response and devastating power. The absolute best bang for your buck thanks to an enormous research and development program.

Flow Rate 50lb/min Compressor Housing 0.60 S AR Exhaust Housing AVO 4-5 Turbine Wheel 46.95mm

*Supplied with an AVO adjustable 15psi (1bar) solid boost actuator. Includes all oil and water fittings.

AVO's big ball-bearing turbocharger for the Subaru Impreza WRX and WRX STI are true bolt-in applications. Based upon our famous Edge Series design, these turbos have been designed from the ground up to provide better reliability, performance, and response than the factory turbocharger units. All our turbochargers come with all the stainless steel water and oil fittings for the turbocharger. Also included is the famous AVO 15psi adjustable solid boost actuator, which provides for much better boost response and to maintain boost levels at higher RPM’s. All of our ball-bearing turbochargers are water-cooled and comes with the proper oil and water lines. Our turbochargers have been designed to perform in the harshest conditions possible, and have been tested in them as well. AVO products are not designed to be as reliable as OEM - they are designed to be much better than OEM. High nickel content housings ensure our turbos will go the distance. Another key performance points is the Garrett® compressor and turbine wheels, which are lightweight with knife-like edges for unmatched spooling, yet built strong for reliability. An AVO ball-bearing turbocharger is likely to outlast your engine.

With a larger CHRA center matched to the large AVO 4-5 exhaust housing, this turbocharger will put down some serious numbers. It is an excellent choice for most users, as it still has good response while providing great top end performance and big torque numbers. With a 50lb/min flow rate, serious power will be yours!