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AccessPort ECU Tuner for 2.5L w/CAN

AccessPort ECU Tuner for 2.5L w/CAN
Item# AP-SUB-003-SPO-S2
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Product Description

(Note: Dyno Chart Shows RalliTEK maps for 2009 WRX)

Buy your Accessport from RalliTEK and you have the opportunity to have RalliTEK ProTune maps for Stages 1/2 can be included at no additional charge! (AccessPort also includes all applicable maps from Cobb.) Please include vehicle information and mods in the 'comments' aera of our shopping cart. Information needed is listed below.

The ultimate personal tuning solution! Reprogram your vehicle's computer (ECU) by selecting one of the pre-installed performance "maps" that automatically optimize settings such as the air/fuel ratio, ignition timing, boost and more for performance results you can instantly feel!

Its one of the easiest installations, and certainly one of the most effective modifications you can perform in your own driveway. Once the AccessPORT is installed, its usefulness only continues from there. Using the vehicle monitor functions you can monitor sensors such as boost, battery voltage, and more.

However, the AccessPORT is so much MORE than just a REFLASH DEVICE. It allows you to monitor fuel economy (average and real time), perform performance tests in order to estimate your 0-60mph and 1/4 mile time, read and decipher ECU trouble codes (CELs), and monitor live data via the OEM vehicle sensors which eliminates the need for costly aftermarket gauges.

AccessPORT Features Include:

» Improve horsepower, torque, and fuel economy at the touch of a button

» Display vehicle data such as boost, RPM, temperatures and more while you drive

» Easy installation, no mechanical or computer skills necessary

» Connects to your vehicle via the OBD-II port conveniently located under your dash

» Exclusive ability to switch between different 'modes' on the fly

» Pre-calibrated to maximize performance of stock or modified vehicles

» Easy-to-read color display

» Update over the Internet to stay up-to-date with the latest features

» Read engine trouble codes (DTC) yourself, eliminating trips to the dealership

» Not a "piggyback" - once vehicle's computer has been programmed by the AccessPORT, it can be removed and the settings will stay on your computer.

» Not just an "ECU reflash" - AccessPORT features enhancements such as on-the-fly mode switching, data monitors, reading DTCs, performance monitors and more

To request RalliTEK ProTune maps at no extra charge rpovide the following information in the 'comments' area of our shopping cart:

-Vehicle year / Model

-Transmission Type (MT / AT)

-Power Upgrades (if any) Be Specific!

If there are any questions our tuner will contact you before we ship!